06 June, 2008

When Did This Happen...

I am almost incapable of staying up past 10 PM. I used to go to sleep only when the sun cracked the eastern sky. I have been a ridiculously neurotic insomniac since I can remember. And now? I am nodding off before the end of primetime. It's just a few minutes after 10 and I am SO sleepy.

I have this generally beige-colored life most of the time now, with a regular bed-time, daycare, naps, and sippy cups. A friend pointed out that I once snorted vodka off the bottom of a champagne glass, just to try it. Now...

It's just a bit of change, that's all.

I was once chased by a homeless man brandishing an iron (yes, a clothes iron, cord flailing) several blocks down Hollywood Boulevard in the middle of the night. I used to do things. I used to create my own adventures. Now... not so much.

I think I am due for a change. Maybe there is something in the wind.

1 comment:

Boo(duh) said...

I farted. Sorry.

Grab Richard, throw the Divine Miss M. at mom, and get crazy for a weekend. Ok, so you can't snort vodka up your nose pregnant - but you could go have a picnic in a cemetary or something equally retarded and nostalgic! Go to a rock concert! Hell, go to Rocky!