01 June, 2008


I am pregnant. Again. It's a good thing. But, maternity clothes right now? Not a good thing. I need a couple light weight work-appropriate tops (I was mostly big-preggers during the winter last time) and this time I have already "popped" and I don't have any light weight things to wear. Last time, I relied heavily on the maternity clearance at Old Navy and the Gap, but this time? SOOO ugly. Click here to see what I mean. Um, it looks like a cross between a bathing suit coverup and something my mom wore in 1982. YUCK.

What's a chubby pregnant mom on a budget to do? I think I am just about ready to wear the same dress over and over until October. To quote Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, "Blargh."


Boo(duh) said...

No. You just haven't learned how to shop pregnant yet. :0)

Thrift stores baby! And EBAY! You don't need all the fancy schmancy maternity wear. Plus size clothes with a ribbon pinned on to make it empire waist - simple, easy, and if you splurge on ribbons the same shirt can go with any outfit! Get creative girly. Any woman who once carried an entire wardrobe of sparkles in her trunk can certainly get a little creative with Knocked Up Couture!

Jaimee Drew said...

All our old haunts in thrift-store-land are gone, gone, gone... Savers? Kaput.

And eBay? I got some stuff on there last time, but this time it seems like a lot of denim shirts with sunflowers. Bleck.

I think I need to get creative, like you said. It's really just the work clothes that get me. On the weekends it is all about R's clothes, but at work, I'm supposed to be in "business casual", whatever that means. Guys usually wear shirt and tie, girls wear suits or nice separates.

I'm the one with the flyaway hair and food stains.

Boo(duh) said...

Fly away hair and food stains *aren't* business casual? No wonder I could never get ahead! Seriously though, just get some bigger plus sized clothes and get out the sewing machine. A few darts and some elastic can make anything into maternity clothes without breaking the bank.