16 August, 2007

A Big Pile of Suck

Ok, so I'm going to preface this by stating that I do not advocate brunk dlogging. I mean, ha ha, drunk blogging.
But even so.
Not my teeth. They are, knock on wood, fine.
M's teeth. Or, to be more specific, her little gum nubbins where teeth shall someday be.
We did not make it to bed until 5:30 AM yesterday. We slept until 8 AM. Then we got up, so as to enjoy the 89 degree weather more completely. Oh, yes. 89 degrees AND teething.
Double blarcgh-blargh.
So, thanks to the Fisher Price Jumperoo (I wish they made them for grownups) and some Baby Orajel, we have a temporary detente between the teeth and M. It is a fragile truce.
The wine is making me warm.
I just read my friend's blog where I am linked below Alternadad. She makes me feel so much cooler than I am.
So here's my Alternadad-type moment for the week:

...a funny thing that R said to me today when the baby had a cat hair stuck to her face:

"oh, she's got a kitty pube on her cheek..."

I said, "Eww, it's just a cat hair..."

he said, "how do you know?"



Um. I'm still awake. As if I am waiting to hear the baby wake up. It was 91 degrees today. Right now it is supposed to be 73 degrees. Baby hates the heat. Baby can't sleep. Mama can't sleep.
Global warming sucks.
I blame the Bush administration. Everything else is their fault, so why not this? I live 1/4 of a mile from the ocean. 91 degrees just isn't right.
Well, at least the forecast for tomorrow is only 87 degrees. That's downright comfy.
I have to go back to work next week. I'm going to be waking up at 4:30 AM to feed the baby and get ready for work. Baby thinks that we should stay up until midnight every day.
Did I mention that it was 91 degrees today? I want to move somewhere with reasonable weather.
I'm going to test the kid and try to go to bed...

06 August, 2007

Why English Class is Important...

I know everyone has the little things that bother them. I work at a credit union, so the phrase "checkings account" bugs the absolute hell out of me. IT IS NOT PLURAL!!!!! Ack. Anyhow, at my hubs job, there are a few Grammar Offenders that come up with some doozies.

So. You know the word "scapegoat"? Overheard: "You know, I hate it when my boyfriend tried to make like I'm his escape goat..." Can't you just picture it? A stealth goat that is used to escape dangerous situations? He'd probably need a goat sized mask. Maybe even a cape...

One gal thinks that the word "remind" means "to tell you something for the first time". As in, "I need to remind you that this is our new policy that you've never heard of before"- she thinks that is how you use it.

Another one- instead of condescending- condomsending. Uh, yeah. I'll leave it alone.

05 August, 2007

So Lame...

Ok, so Wired.com has an article about how geeks make the best lovers. So I have no real argument with the statement- it is so immaterial to me, anyhow, but the reasons they listed are so stupid. One of them is actually "Geeks understand multi-dimensional relationships". I mean, LAME. Geeks may be the best lovers but not because they "understand multi-dimensional relationships."

Ack. I need to get some sleep.


So... I just got some spam e-mail with the subject beginning, "Hope or Lightheadedness..." Doesn't that so completely sound like an album title or a novel title? Craziness.